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A chef honing her skills and knowledge of Japanese culture

A South Florida Native, Maggie Hyams has been on the culinary scene since 2010; working for small restaurant chains until then graduating High School in 2012. Beginning her career as a high-level line cook, Hyams worked in a variety of different cuisines within the Hard Rock Company.

Hyams’s passion for food and hospitality, along with a bag of industry-taught skills, gained the attention of Chef Shuji Hiyakawa in 2014; the protege of Iron Chef Morimoto. Hyams was on the opening team for Kuro inside of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino (Hollywood, FL.) in March 2015. Due to Hyams’s dedication in the kitchen and passion to learn more, Hiyakawa began to closely train her; leaving Hyams intrigued by all of the beauty showcased through the values and tradition of Japanese culture.

Hyams gracefully followed the command of Hiyakawa to the opening of Dashi (Miami, FL.) in March 2017, a Progressive Japanese Cuisine concept that offered sushi and udon noodle selections. Hiyakawa’s purpose-driven prestige, vivid vision and confidence allows Hyams’s creativity and talents to blossom in the art of Japanese cuisine.

Currently, Hyams partners with Hiyakawa for the groundbreaking opening of Wabi Sabi by Shuji, and is now open.